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If you're working from home or looking for a place to get that report done while traveling on the job, you'll want to download LiquidSpace. You no longer have to resort to a crowded coffee shop or uncomfortable meeting room that also doubles as the hotel breakfast bar. Instead, use this productivity app to book your next temporary workspace based off of your personal criteria. Choose where, when and how to work anywhere in the country.

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When work beckons, sometimes the office isn’t an option. Working from home can be full of distractions with kids, pets or the neighbor wanting to borrow your power tools. Relocating to the local coffee shop can only lead to running into an old friend or becoming more interested in the conversations around you. If only there was a way to find office space to work in temporarily... Oh wait, we found one!

LiquidSpace is a business and productivity app for iPhone and Android operating systems that allows users to choose where, when, and how to work anywhere and anytime in the U.S. Easily find and book great workspace or office space immediately with hundreds of venues across the country that share real-time calendars. Users can book on the go or plan ahead. Browse, reserve and check in to high-end business centers, hotel conference rooms, hotel lobbies, libraries, and startup coworkings.

To get started, create a free account with LiquidSpace. The Browse icon in the main toolbar brings up all available venues in your immediate area. You can then swipe through the preview images of rooms and spaces and tap any location for more information. Be sure to check out the amenities offered in each setup, user ratings, prices and scheduling calendars.

When setting up your profile on LiquidSpace, users have the option to include their company and personal contact information to share with other LiquidSpace users. You can also make credit-card transactions (the app notes that it's secure) through the payment field in your profile. LiquidSpace saves your payment information to make future bookings a breeze. You can even specify what types of workspaces suite your needs best, whether it’s an office with a view, a conference center with room for breakout sessions or a secluded area that allows for focus.

For those people that travel a lot on the job, this is a must-have app, whether you use it to book something in advance or search for something last minute. The interface is very straightforward and simple to use, bringing you the information you need quickly. However, this productivity app would benefit from some social features built into the workspace experience. Aside from user ratings, there is no social-media or commenting feature to allow for the exchange of detailed recommendations or words of advice.

Reviewed: Mar 05, 2012 |

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