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LivingSocial pushes the best deals in your city to your phone on a daily basis so you never have to pay full price for dinner again. Use this app when you’re looking to travel, eat out or spend a night out on the town with friends.

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We like to think of LivingSocial as Groupon’s sibling. The daily deals service provides users with some unbeatable sales when it comes to shopping, entertainment, dining and adventure—as in 50 to 90 percent off. While users sign up to receive email notifications, the LivingSocial app provides push notifications on your phone to highlight the daily deals. Or, you can just access the LivingSocial app whenever you’re looking to escape to the Caribbean, go skydiving or simply order takeout.

The homepage features the following sections: today’s deals, takeout & delivery, escapes and adventures. Each category uses your location to determine which deals to feature. And once you purchase a deal, there’s no need to print. Just pull up the coupon on your phone and the company providing the deal can redeem it with a simple scan.

Our favorite Living Social feature? When you buy a deal, you can share it with friends via email or Twitter. If three of your pals buy the same deal, yours is free!

Our least favorite is that the deals sell quickly, so users have to access the app often to stay ahead of the game. Still, it’s worth it for those bargain prices!

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