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London 2012 Join In

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The ultimate app for the ultimate sports fan! Get the full experience of the 2012 Summer Games in London, whether you’re traveling across the pond or watching the excitement from home. With news feeds and photos, custom settings for your favorite sports, and London maps to help navigate the host city for lucky travelers, this app is a gold-medal winner.

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When we say this app thought of everything, we mean it! This is a five-star guide to the greatest summer sporting event on the planet. Whether you’re lucky enough to have scored tickets to the Games across the pond or you’ll be cheering on your favorite athletes from home, this app will keep you connected to the London Summer Games.

Upon opening the app, fans are greeted with the What’s On section, displaying a populated list of events planned for that specific game day. You can easily move through the 2-week calendar to view what’s happening on other days. Broaden your filter by selecting certain times, distances to events (if you’re in London) and sports categories. If you are only interested in badminton and water polo from noon to 5 p.m. within 10 miles of your immediate location, your What’s On feed will customize with that specific information. While you’re at it, you can also include cultural events, museum tours, city festivities and theatre updates to your feed for the ultimate London experience.

Another feature in London 2012 Join In that is specifically for London visitors is the Places section. Here, your current location is pinpointed on a Google map to help you discover sporting venues in your vicinity or other areas of interest in the city of London. In the list view, choose from categories such as competition venues, event venues, cash machines, ticket box offices, information services and even first aid. Again, you can filter your viewing options by selecting only the categories that interest you. Navigate this interactive London map and find exactly what you need without having to stop and ask for directions.

Stay connected to the 2012 Summer Games in London in the Buzz section. Here, you get up-to-the-minute news postings, Facebook and Twitter, a live photo stream, YouTube videos and a direct link to the official Olympics 2012 website.

If you want to learn a thing or two about the Games traditions or the various venues built especially for the London summer events, tap the Guide section. Learn why the International Olympic Committee does what it does, the story behind the Games and its traditions, what the various London competition areas have to offer and even a quick rundown of all 26 different summer sports and 39 disciplines. Trivia night, here you come!

All in all, this app wins a gold medal from The Recapp team for its outstanding design and easy-to-navigate layout. Every question you could possibly have about the London Summer Games is answered, plus the app does an amazing job of customizing the experience to your preferences.

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