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London Bus Checker

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You’re in London to enjoy the sights, not worry about transportation. Be sure to pack this app on your next trip across the pond for easy bus navigation around the UK capital city. With complete visual bus routes, up to the minute schedules and countdowns, Google London maps, and even an alert system to notify you of your approaching stops, this bus app makes you look and feel like a London local.

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If you’ve ever used public bus transportation in a city, you understand that it takes some getting used to. Figuring out the routes and bus numbers, which stops to avoid and whether switching buses midway saves you time or not can be daunting. Now add in daily rain showers, a plethora of confused tourists from around the world and traffic driving on the left instead of the right to create the perfect navigation nightmare that is London.

The London Bus Checker is the perfect solution to your London bus woes. Open the app to see a blinking pin on a London map that indicates your current location. All active bus stops around you will be shown via a red pin. Tap any of the pins to learn more about the bus stop, and an information board will appear with countdowns until the next bus, the bus number, and its destination, as well as the option to view the complete bus route.

One of the best features of the app is the alert system. Let’s say you’ve gotten on the right bus but you’re not sure when your stop is coming up. Simply tap the alarm button on your destination stop to set an alert when your stop is approaching. You can also add your destination stop to your favourites list (yes, note the British spelling) by tapping the star icon. This way, you will always remember what stop is closest to your hotel or that London landmark on your sightseeing list.

Traveling in London with London Bus Checker will make transportation one less thing to worry about. Plus, it’s easy to navigate and provides excellent visual information to help you find your way. This app is definitely worth the download price for your trip across the pond.

Reviewed: Jul 17, 2012 |

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