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London Visitors A-Z

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With your bags packed and tickets in hand, all you need now is a guide to London. But don’t run out and grab one of those heavy guidebooks. Download this ultimate tourist app and keep your London map on your smartphone. With no Internet required, you can search and pinpoint places of interest, calculate route distances and discover landmarks surrounding your current location.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to the city of London, look no further than the London Visitors A-Z app. The tourist maps piled high in any London information booth can’t stand up to the features packed into this mobile guide. With no Internet connection required and no data roaming charges, this travel app works on iPhone and Android for all your sightseeing needs as you explore the UK capital.

The London Visitors A-Z app is a map tool of central London designed especially for the tourist. The main feature highlights popular city destinations including famous landmarks, buildings open to the public, theaters, museums and galleries, shopping districts, cultural centers, transportation hubs and stations, and more.

The neat thing about this app is that the maps install directly onto your device, so there is never any need for an Internet connection. Access the map anytime and anywhere during your London journey. The app starts up quickly and can pinpoint any location with a simple search. You can also engage your GPS or Wi-Fi to locate your current position on the interactive map in relation to sights you may be interested in seeing within the city.

One of the best features of London Visitors A-Z is the ability to add places of interest, routes and even favorite areas directly to the map for a customized exploration experience. Looking to plan a route for your next day excursion? Pinpoint the places you want to see and instantly determine the distance for the complete route. Any annotations you create can be stored and retrieved instantly on your device.

The downside of this app is the lack of sharing features, in case you wanted to provide a predetermined sightseeing route to friends and family or post your journey to a social-media site. This app is also somewhat cumbersome and takes time to figure out the mapping tools. Nonetheless, a quick app guide that doesn’t require Internet is a plus when you consider bulky travel books as the alternative.

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