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There are plenty of weight-loss apps out there, but Lose It! is free — and good.

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There are a lot of apps in the iTunes App Store designed to help people lose weight, but right out of the gate, Lose It! has the benefit of being free. At the start, you give Lose It! some quick information, like your weight, height, gender, age and goal, and then you choose how quickly you want to reach your weight goal. Lose It! limits your goal to two pounds per week (losing any more per week isn’t healthy), and keeps track of your exercise and food intake to help you reach your goal.

For a free app, Lose It! is really robust. It has a huge database of foods with nutritional information, so you can search for the things you eat and add them to your food log. Search for a Starbucks Venti latte, for example, and you’ll find it has 300 calories. Look up a tuna sandwich and Lose It! approximates it at 366 calories, with a bunch of other information like fat and cholesterol content. Lose It! will track your exercise, too, and give you a net calorie count per day to help you stay on track. In fact, there’s so much information available in Lose It! that it’s a pretty great (and did we say free?) solution for many people looking for assistance with hitting a target weight.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |