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Your friends don’t need to download the LoveThis app for you to make a personal recommendation with it. But once they see the benefits the free iPhone app has to offer, they probably will. With LoveThis, share any place or thing you love with your friends, accumulate comments on the suggestions and store recommendations for future reference.

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You’re telling your friend about an amazing meal you had last night at a hidden gem of a restaurant downtown. Your friend asks the expected question, “Where did you eat?” when you realize you forgot the name of the place. Buzz kill. Now your friend will have to continue drooling while knowing she’ll never be able to experience the same deliciousness as you did.

Avoid this situation by recommending the places and things you like when they’re fresh in your mind, at any moment in time. Personal-recommendation apps are creeping up in the app marketplaces, and for good reason: People would rather get a recommendation from someone they know and trust than from sometimes sketchy free-for-all websites. With the new app, LoveThis, you can recommend and receive suggestions to and from your friends only, and your pals don’t need to have the app on their phones for you to share those things you love.

LoveThis, launched in April, pairs up next to other personal-recommendation apps like Stamped. But, as we mentioned, the cool thing about LoveThis is that only you (the recommender) need to have the free app on your phone. Your friends can see what you’re recommending via email and Facebook, and they can comment on the thing you love within that medium. We also like how comments accumulate on the LoveThis recommendation—if your friend first comments on the Facebook post, then within an email, and then you comment on it within the app, you’ll see all three of these comments saved under the LoveThis recommendation.

You can recommend restaurants, bars, books, TV shows, services, activities and more. If you are choosing from location-based categories, such as Shops, the app will pull up places around you based on your GPS location. Or, you can add a spot manually, and LoveThis will produce Google Images relating to your thing or place. All of your past recommendations will be saved in an activity feed. The overall design of LoveThis is pretty simple, but it makes navigation easy.

To send the recommendation, type in your friend’s email or choose from your Facebook contacts (obviously, prepare to connect this app with your Facebook account). We wish the app would notice more email adresses that we frequently use with our email on our device, but we like how easy it is to enter any address manually and tap Send, with no other hoops to jump through. Another feature we’d like to see is the ability to message a Facebook friend, rather than only post on his or her Facebook timeline. But since the app is still young, we expect a round of updates to improve the service soon.

Reviewed: May 10, 2012 |

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