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Magisto is by far and away the easiest-to-use video-editing app we’ve ever come across. It is, in a single word, magical.

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Presto: It’s easy to say, and by the time you’ve said it, your video within the Magisto app is preparing and uploading. That’s it. Voilà, you’re done.

Right. This is an app review, so let’s backtrack for a moment and walk you through Magisto’s awesomeness and ease of use. In fact, this app is so awesome and easy to use that it took home top spot in the Mobile Apps Showdown at CES 2012.

When you start using Magisto, you can choose to watch short videos that will inform you as to what Magisto is and does. Or, you can watch samples of videos that other users have created and uploaded. All of these options are there for you to create a better video and navigate the app easily.

Once you’ve watched your fill of videos, you can either shoot footage yourself on your device or you can choose a video that already exists on your device. Magisto does not offer use of stills, so you will have to stick to moving images here.

Another great thing about Magisto is the fact that there’s no time limit on the videos you can create. So even if you lump 5-, 6-, or 12-minute clips together, Magisto will create your movie. Sure, it may take a week, but it’ll eventually finish and offer you the chance to review and upload.

Giving your video sound is one of Magisto’s best traits. Not only can you choose from your own music, but the app offers free music options in a variety of categories: Dance & Techno, Love, Latin & Spanish, Birthday and many others. And once you choose the genre, the options get even more specific. For example, choose "Kids" and you get a lot of fun, peppy, childlike options. (You can even select "MMMBop" by Hanson.) No other video-editing app even comes close to musical options contained in Magisto.

Once you’ve titled your video and uploaded the finished product (which takes a bit of time unless you choose to speed up the rendering process), Magisto allows you to easily share your video with your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube networks.

The most difficult thing about Magisto is creating an account in the beginning, but, as you can see, it’s worth it.

So there you have it. Wave your magic wand and Magisto will do the rest.

Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012 |

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