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By Dan Russell-Pinson


The fun: Build a rocket and launch it. The education: Solve math, time and other problems in space, and get money to build a better rocket. Mathmateer is a cool math game that offers a good time your kids will learn from.

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Mathmateer is an educational app with a little fun thrown in to keep kids (generally elementary-school age) interested.

You start by building a rocket from a variety of parts, including ones that look spacelike and others that are just plain fun (flying hair dryer, anyone?). From there, choose a mission and launch the rocket. Getting enough altitude—you control the rocket’s trajectory and thrust by tilting the phone and using a slider—triggers a series of problems based on your mission. The missions in Mathmateer range from basic math and telling time on a clock to counting money and finding the correct 3D objects. Several difficulty levels are offered in this cool math game for kids.

You have to complete the problems quickly as your rocket tumbles back to space. Answering correctly earns you medals and coins, which you can spend toward building a better rocket (there are nearly 100 parts to choose from, ranging from boosters to fins to decorations) or creating a new one. Your highest altitude and best airtimes are also tracked.

One nice feature about the Mathmateer app is that it allows for multiple user profiles. So more than one kid can build rockets and answer problems on one smartphone without interfering with another’s progress.

Reviewed: Jan 23, 2012 |

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