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McAfee, the PC virus–busting security monolith, offers us WaveSecure, their app for personal Android security. This trusted name gives a sneak peek into what their phone security can offer with a free 7-day trial. You might not like the price for full services, but then we have to ask: How much is your Android security worth to you? WaveSecure does a good job of keeping your Android data in the clear.

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McAfee is the oldest, most experienced company in the book when it comes to protecting PCs. And that’s what your Android is—a pocket-size mobile PC. With their phone-security app WaveSecure, it’s pretty obvious McAfee knows their audience.

And they are marketing wizards as well. With WaveSecure, McAfee offers you a free 7-day trial to let you sample the wares. From our trial, we determined that it works and the app delivers on everything that it promises. Once your 7-day trial is up, in order to keep the app (because we already know you’ll want to), the service will cost you $19.99 a year. But don’t get scared away by this price! Here’s why it’s worth it.

Like other all-purpose security apps, McAfee offers a full-service app experience: remotely locking and wiping, backing up your data to a cloud, tracking and locating your lost device, migrating data to a new device, restoring data to your existing device, and even some extra bells and whistles thrown in (alarm sound, privacy reports, call tracking, etc.).

One thing McAfee has down cold is installation of the app. For a security app, it’s a breeze. After you download it, you’ll want to agree to the terms of service. Read them if you want—they’re lengthy. After you enter your phone number, you will also enter a second mobile number so the app can alert the second number if the phone is reported missing. You’ll also need a pin; this will enable you to access and use the app.

The Home page has five options: back up, restore, upload, wipe and lock. You can back up automatically or choose to only back up your messages, calls and contacts. You will not be able to back up other apps or settings. The backup for photos and videos is actually the upload function, which it will take to the cloud.

Best of all, you can restore the phone from your PC. The lock function is a great one: Anyone who tries to swap out a SIM card from an alternate phone will encounter your locked card. Smart thinking. Obviously, you can wipe your phone remotely as well.

One semi-large flaw to this Android security app: You can’t back up documents. If you use your device as much as we do for business purposes, this is going to be a major drawback.

That all being said, McAfee’s WaveSecure is a solid, well performing app. If you need customer service, you’re going to wait. But if you’re looking for a trustworthy name in the security game, you could do a lot worse.

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