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We raised our glass to the unbelievable capabilities and recipe combinations available through this cocktail app. Any mixed drink imaginable can be created with the Mixologist recipe app, and we guarantee you will never have the same drink twice. 

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Many of us may have dreamt of becoming a mixologist during our college days or thought of bartending to be a glamorous occupation for the lively, social nightlife. Now you can become the mastermind behind the mixing magic that is alcoholic drinks. Bring refreshing treats that pack a punch to life in your very own kitchen or sound like a pro when ordering a fancy concoction for your date.

This recipe app is stocked with endless mixed-drink recipes, bartending knowledge and browsing options so you may never have the same drink twice. You can start by checking off the liquor or mixers you have on hand in your own cabinet to come up with new combinations you didn’t even know existed (complete with the official name). Learn more about each type of base alcohol by tapping the extended info tab, and go even further in depth with specific subcategories.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, roll the dice and try the random options that the app mixes for you. Shake your smartphone or click the “mix it up” button and the slot machine interface selects a base alcohol level, additional ingredient options, and suggested glassware. Lock any of the three sections and shake the phone to change options for a new combination.  Once you’ve landed on a drink recipe that is sure to tickle your taste buds, tap Show more for other drinks with similar ingredients. Do you see what we mean when we say the options are endless?

For those drinkers that have a little more knowledge to back up their drink choices, you can also browse all mixed drinks by category or ingredient. This section is also for those times when you have an idea of what you want already. Whether you’re in the mood for a martini, Jello shot, or you have a certain garnish in mind, you’ll find a satisfying mixed-drink recipe for any occasion.

If the endless options weren’t enough, check out the added extras stirred throughout this cocktail app. Add drinks to your favorites list, create custom drink recipes on your own, find a nearby liquor store or bar using GPS location, and check out the built-in bartending guide for terminology, tips, and tricks of the trade. Cheers!

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