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If you're looking for a new social network devoted to photos and videos, you may like Mobli.

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Social network Mobli combines features of networks such as Facebook and Instagram, omitting the unnecessary portions to make a simple, visual way of sharing with friends. The app is all about posting videos and photos as you see them, which allows you to share your experiences in a visual way on the fly and see photos and videos from other users. Mobli lets you tag your media with different keywords. That means you can follow your friends, but you can also see streams about a specific topic: nightlife, for example, or your favorite sports team.

Mobli is filled with search options, which is great because when you first download the app, you’re likely to find a confusing jumble of images. There’s a lot of potential for Mobli in theory, but it takes some time and effort to get it set up. First off, finding people whose images you care about takes time, and since the network is new, you might struggle to find your friends within it. All of this has us wondering if Mobli can really make it. It’s tough to imagine it eclipsing networks like Facebook, which have already built a solid foundation. That said, if you find some friends or search some cool channels, you might unlock Mobli’s potential.

Reviewed: Jun 06, 2011 |

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