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Movie Challenge: Oscars Special

By Redwind Software Providers Ltd.


Be a total know-it-all, thanks to the Movie Challenge: Oscars Special app. Answer trivia questions about movies and the Academy Awards, and play to win against up to four people.

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Do you know who won Best Actress in 1999 or who won the most Academy Awards ever? If you do, then you’re well on your way to winning a round in the Movie Challenge app. If you don’t, it’s Hilary Swank and Walt Disney, respectively—fun facts you can learn simply by downloading and playing the app right now.

The Movie Challenge app is easy to navigate, but tough to play. It’s full of thousands of movie-related trivia questions for all skill levels, with the latest update geared around the Oscars.

It is best played in classic mode, where you choose from categories like Best Picture, Music, Writing, Directors and Actresses in order to create your game board. After selecting a highlighted category, you have three ways to win that square—by identifying a movie quote, a true or false question about an Oscar winner or a word jumble of a director’s name. The goal is to earn points and unlock more categories so you can win the game with five checked-off squares in a row. 

You can also play Movie Challenge with up to four people with the pass and play feature or at parties by reading the questions aloud and competing on teams. Whether it’s a group effort or you’re just passing time, the app is perfect for confirming your extensive movie knowledge or learning some fun new facts about film that is sure to impress your friends.

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