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MustKnow News

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MustKnow News is an easy-to-use iPhone app that collects the top-ten news stories of the hour. Select from nine different countries, choose a category and let MustKnow News do the rest.

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Though we have been bombarded with an excess of news-aggregating apps, MustKnow News is an iPhone app that gives you only the stories that you need to know. It does so by sifting through the mass of worldwide news, delivering the top-ten snippets of the hour, every hour.

This press curator contains many similar features of other news apps like Flipboard, PressReader and Pulse. As with these three popular news apps, MustKnow features easy sharing abilities via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Instapaper, ReadItLater (now Pocket), Tumblr, and Google Currents. The app takes news headlines and matches them with a photo from the original news article. When you use MustKnow, it's like seeing a different front page of a newspaper every hour.

The app lists the top-ten stories in the news for a maximum of ten different categories. It also has nine different editions, or countries, where you can get your news fix. For each edition, there are varying categories that are included with the iPhone app, and in order to access the MustKnow Full Package, you will have to shell out another 99 cents. We're not fans of this aspect since you are already two dollars in the hole to access the app in the first place, not to mention there are plenty of other free news apps out there or a little thing called Google to access the type of news you may be searching for.

MustKnow's interface is simple and elegant with two different layouts—the “day” layout is white and the “night” layout is black. The stories are formatted in a grid photo layout, with both landscape and portrait fixtures. (We noticed that if a photo is shown in landscape format, however, it may get stretched a bit.) The app’s categories are listed in the top-right corner of the grid, making it easy to switch to another category of your choice.

The stories are listed in order of importance from one to 10. After tapping on a story, the photo with an overlaid headline appears, along with the news source below it and a list of the numbered stories on the left-hand side of the screen. From this screen, you can access the sharing features at the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can see other news stories by tapping one of the numbers on the top-ten list on the left or by swiping your finger to the left or right. What we really like about this app is the “Related Stuff” below the article. The app lists related items like books, movies, apps and even YouTube videos that you can access easily.

We happen to think this is an essential app if you want to get the top news stories of the hour quickly. However, for the price you have to pay to see less information, we think it would be cool if the app also linked up to your social networks so that you can see your own personal top ten stories or tweets.

Reviewed: May 01, 2012 |