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My-Cast Weather Radar

By Digital Cyclone


Get weather predictions above and beyond what traditional weather apps provide. The graphics, charts and animated maps are awesome!

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Looking for a weather app that shows you more than what you see out the window? The My-Cast Weather Radar app offers in-depth weather analysis and predictions ⎯perfect for planning outdoor activities or your next nature retreat. Get a forecast centered on you, and see what radar maps show is in store for your area.

Using detailed graphics and animated backgrounds to depict current weather conditions, the app’s home screen provides readings for temperature, wind speeds, dew point and humidity levels, plus pressure and visibility. Alongside numbers are visual charts indicating highs and lows for each measurement from day to night. Find air quality readings and UV index levels, or search for the next sunrise and sunset times.

The Forecast button houses the weather for the next seven days and details for the next few hours. Tap a day or hour of interest to get in-depth predictions for both day and night conditions. You can view a radar map of your current location or of the entire U.S., then track weather systems from satellite radar. You can even choose to include symbols on the map that represent visible clouds, storm watches and tropical conditions.

Another cool feature of this weather app is the alert option. Users can choose to subscribe to weather alerts for their area or other selected locations at an additional cost. Here at The Recapp, though, we found so much information already in the app that we didn’t see the need to sign up for further alerts. Unless you’re a weather enthusiast or traveling to an area prone to storms, the My-Cast Weather Radar provides everything you need to know (and more!) without additional alert subscriptions.

Android and iPhone users can download this app for only $3.99, a great price considering all the features. Sorry, Blackberry fans, you have to dig deeper into your app expense pockets to cover the cost (yeah, we think it’s ridiculous too).

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |