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Navigate and create your own urban experience. MyCityWay USA is one of the best travel apps we've tested yet. This app helps you find great restaurants, search events, discover your new favorite bar and even find a job. It’s an all-in-one mobile assistant to discover almost everything you need to know in 40 major U.S. cities.

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40 cities. 30+ categories. One app. Rather than downloading separate apps for food, events, directions, jobs or even weather, MyCityWay Now provides you with a one-stop app for all your essential needs in each of the U.S. cities, with more on the way.

If you're in one of the select cities, you can use this well-organized app for just about everything. The aesthetic is similar to the UI (user interface) of your phone, where you can swipe through icon-filled pages to find what you are looking for. MyCityWay offers jam-packed info on events, restaurants, shopping, news, jobs, deals, services, weather and so much more. Choose your city from the homepage. It will tell you which cities are nearby, and it also categorizes the cities that are not so close by region.

After selecting a city, you can choose to be a resident or visitor. The app's dedication to both parties makes us really love this app. You don’t have to live in a popular city to still want to use MyCityWay Now. If you decide to take a trip to Orlando and you want to know some great places to shop, hotels to stay at or restaurants to try out before you get there, this app is perfect for your situation.

Though this app is great for travelers and visitors, it’s also extremely useful for the city’s inhabitants as well. Our favorite features include how the app links to Craigslist, shows you movie showtimes or locates places where you can ship a package. You can even find out where laundromats and restrooms are, in case you're in an unfamiliar area of your city.

There is a reason why this app is called “MyCityWay.” With the My Stuff and Lists categories, you can make the city your own as you select your favorite places, spaces and services. As you browse through local attractions or guides, you can create lists that are bookmarked for future reference. You can also look at the Lists category, which provides you with great places to check out, such as where to satisfy your caffeine cravings or what the best bakeries of the city are. Don’t forget, you can also share your experience with their social-media integration.

MyCityWay, a New York City-based company, started its app ventures with its first mobile app, NYC Way, in 2009. The debut app won three awards at the NYC Big Apps Competition, including Popular Choice and Investor’s Choice. The app has since extended its user base to urban life all over the country and to cities in Asia, Canada, India, and Europe. It's even churning out special event-based apps like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade app. We're always looking forward to what's next for MyCityWay.

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