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MyHomework is a mobile, digital planner that helps high school and college students keep up with assignments, tests and classes in the palm of their hand.

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Students, listen up. MyHomework might give you a little break in the classroom. When your teacher or professor says that cell phones aren’t allowed, simply pull out your myHomework app for iPhone or Android and show them your calendar, jam-packed and neatly organized with all your tests and assignments. It’s worth a shot, anyway.

This easy-to-use app keeps everything school-related organized in one place, so students can manage their classes, homework, tests and assignments right on their mobile devices. Simply plug in the due dates and the app will help you remember that a history paper is due tomorrow and you have a presentation to give next week.

The Calendar tab breaks down by month, week, day and today. You can input classes in a time or block-schedule format. Our favorite feature is the Notes section beneath the calendar that tells you what homework is due and which classes you have on that specific day.

You can also sync your schedule and assignments to for $1.99 a year by logging in through Facebook or creating a new account. An account gives you access to myHomework on any computer or mobile device, and it also opens you up to one of the handiest features: homework reminders on your phone.

If you’re an organized person to begin with, myHomework will only save some paper and make your planning process a little cleaner. In this case, the free mobile app is more than enough. But if your mind (and schoolwork) is all over the place, the $1.99 online account could make the difference between an A, a B or even a C. 

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