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MyNature Tree Guide

By MyNature Inc.


An all-around solid nature app that lets you identify and learn about trees. Great to have on hand while camping or hiking.

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Identify some of the most common trees in North America without a traditional guidebook. Download the MyNature Tree Guide app and browse the trees you meet by answering questions, choosing biological construction patterns, or skimming lists of traditional and Latin names.

If you come across a tree that you’ve never seen before, start your investigation either by searching the tree guide database of leaf structure drawings or by answering common questions to narrow down the possibilities for identification. Simple drawings let you choose which features best represent your leaf or needle. The app then compiles the drawing selections to produce a list of possible tree names. If you would rather select from a list of 15 questions with multiple-choice answers (Is the underside of the leaf or leaflet hairy?), you’ll get a list that way, too.

Once you’ve come to ID your tree, individual tree pages provide descriptions, historical information, illustrations, and actual photos of bark and seeds. You can even explore variations of the leaves or needles according to season and a map indicating growth range across the U.S.

Besides getting the names of trees, the app provides a state tree quiz, a Tree Facts section and a MyNature Journal to record new findings. You can also submit your own photo contributions to the guide directly through the associated Flickr tree group linked within the app.

Tree lovers, nature geeks and curious hikers, if you discover an intense desire to ID trees, satisfying it is worth seven bucks. Download this app for your next outdoor adventure. 

Reviewed: Oct 26, 2011 |