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MyRadar Weather Radar

By Aviation Data Systems, Inc


Weather any storm with the Doppler radar and map-customization options from this awesome data-heavy weather app.

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MyRadar is an all-purpose weather app that provides the user with multiple weather-data platforms and easy-to-use options. Most weather apps come and go like the clouds in the sky, but just like Phil in Punxsutawney, this app is here to stay.  MyRadar is cool, user friendly, and—most importantly—gives you all the information you need to shore up your defenses and weather any storm (pun intended).

When you use MyRadar, there’s no messing around. You vault right into the home screen, which delivers far more than the name promises. Not only is there a live Doppler radar, giving you storm and weather-advisory information for the entire country, but you can dive deep (with standard touch-screen expansion) and get the radar reading anywhere in the USA. There’s even a horizontal rainbow/ROYGBIV meter at the bottom, explaining what the colors represent.

But what is really cool about this weather-radar app is the customization you can make to the screen. First, there’s a bull’s-eye option, which centers the screen to wherever you are. Second, it gives you the option of choosing a map type: road or aerial. The road view displays the weather exactly as is over any mappable road in the area. Need to know what it’s like on I-10 in Texas? No problem with this app. Or maybe you want the weather readings on the 1400 block of North Barry Street in Los Angeles. Well, it does that too.

Finally (and this is really sweet), this app lets you alter the weather-radar overlays. You can toggle the radar on and off. Cloud opacity can be increased or removed. The radar can be deactivated, and the speed can be customized for it as well; it works every time. And, there’s a settings button that allows you to further customize the way you want your weather. It is also Facebook-accessible.

There are a few annoying things about MyRadar. Advertisements jiggle at the bottom, and weather warnings can be added or upgraded. If you want to remove those ads or get that upgrade, it’s going to cost you $1.99 for the Pro version. But considering everything the basic version already does for free, that’s no big deal.

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Reviewed: Dec 05, 2011 |