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While we’re not big fans of watching movies on our smartphones (go ahead, call us film snobs), there’s little not to love about having Netflix so close at hand.

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iPhone people have had Netflix for a while now. Finally Netflix has rolled it out to Android phones and, well, we’re both thrilled and terrified.

As if we need another excuse to never look up from our phone, the full functionality of the “video rental” king has gone fully portable. We put “video rental” in quotes because that’s no longer a fair moniker: They’re DVDs, not videos, and now increasingly they’re not DVDs and you don’t even rent them. Streaming content is the way of the future.

The full awesome power of Netflix Instant is contained in this simple app. It syncs right to your queue on sign-in and streams pretty beautifully. However, watching on anything less than a 4G or Wi-Fi connection is not recommended, and watching a full movie on your phone is a serious battery suck, so you should plug in as well.

Unfortunately, there is no way to manage your DVD queue through the app, which would be handy for those instances when someone recommends a movie for you at a social function. But that minor gripe isn’t stopping us from using the app.

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Reviewed: Aug 18, 2011 |

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