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NFL 2013 Live Wallpaper

By Cellfish Studios


Stay connected to your NFL team of choice regardless of whether you’re at home or on the road. NFL 2013 Live Wallpaper gives you the simple pleasure of setting your phone’s background to an animated banner honoring your favorite football team. But, it'll cost ya.

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With the 3D NFL Live Wallpaper app for Android, you can face-paint your phone’s background. Turn it into an NFL fanatical banner so you can represent your favorite football team this football season or any time of the year.

3D NFL Live Wallpaper is the officially licensed live wallpaper series by the National Football League, and it includes all of the features you need to deck your phone out with team spirit. It’s equipped with all 32 teams’ flags and 3D helmets. Ultimate football fan award, here you come.

The free download version comes with one complimentary NFL-themed live wallpaper, but you can pick your favorite team for two bucks to customize your phone and tout it proudly at football parties. You can also unlock all NFL team wallpapers for $4.99. And, according to the app’s developer, you can expect to see real-time scores and team clock widgets in upcoming app updates too.

Although we don’t like the nickel-and-diming here, extreme football fans may think of this as merely a complement to their valuable football getup. Go on, paint your belly and hold your phone in the air.

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