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NFL Flick Quarterback

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Become the quarterback of an NFL team and help lead your players to victory with this NFL Flick Quarterback game for Android and iPhone. “Flick” the ball across the screen to your open teammate before the opposing team gets in the way, and try to complete as many passes as possible.

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Playing football versus playing footbal while sitting on the couch. Tough choice? We think not.

The NFL Flick Quarterback game for Android allows you to participate in the fun and excitement of football without even lifting a finger. Okay, you do have to lift one finger—to swipe across your screen in order to throw spiral passes to your teammates to score touchdowns.

After downloading NFL Flick Quarterback, choose your name, number and NFL football team, then hit the field. It’s all easy—until you go up in ranking and have ten guys on your back.

When playing NFL Flick Quarterback, you’ll start out on level one as a rookie, simply throwing passes to your teammates without anyone in your way.

But once you get the hang of that, a few opposing players come into play, and before you know it, you’re in an all-out brawl of serious football. You’re going to have to start pulling out the stops if you’re going to complete those passes. Your “flicks” (as they’re called in the game) have to become more precise, but thankfully your technique will improve the more you play.

Sure, it’s just an app. But believe us—you will become invested. And you might become addicted. Chances are NFL Flick Quarterback might even inspire you to dig out the old pigskin from the garage and start actually playing the physical game yourself.

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