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The NFL has teamed up with Verizon to launch a new app for the 2013 season, and we’re excited to report on the updates. With tons of new features, we just might find it hard to peel ourselves away from the phone to actually watch the game on TV.

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The NFL and Verizon have made a new deal for the 2013 season, and they’ve rolled out a bunch of new features that will have NFL fans cheering for more than just their favorite players. The app’s predecessor left much to be desired, and it’s clear that lots of brainstorming went into the new rollout.

Keep up with the league

Personalize your home screen by designating your favorite team so that you can get the NFL news feed and your team’s news feed, making it easier to find the content that you want. You can also check out the News section to see the latest happenings from around the league, your team’s conference and your team’s locker room. (Sorry ladies, no locker room photos included.)

In terms of keeping up with the rest of the league, you can check out the schedule, standings and news, and even shop for NFL gear (by team!) and purchase game tickets. There are two easy ways to access game scores: either in the top right corner on the cool-looking field goal post or on the left along with the other menu options. Scores are organized both by league and your team’s conference, so you can easily find out where your team stands against its rivals.

Personalize it with your favorite team

Head on over to the menu option for your favorite team—cough, Giants, cough—and quickly peruse an overview of what’s going on with the guys. The Profile section is buggy and tends to load infinitely, and we’re really not quite sure what is supposed to be here.

Under Video, you can watch video-on-demand (with or without closed captioning) of your team’s top plays, press coverage, game highlights, interviews and more. Video quality is outstanding, and we experienced little to no lag time.

Head on over to Schedule to check out past and upcoming matchups. If you’re looking to get a bit more up close and personal with the players, well, good luck with that. The next best thing to meeting your favorite QB and getting star-struck is to check him out on the app. Look at the team roster, view stats to get a better idea of individual performance, check out the depth charts and find the latest injury reports.

Customize your settings

Settings include the option to set alerts for your team. Alerts consist of new team stories, new injury reports, new highlight videos, kickoffs for your team, when your team enters the red zone, when there is a scoring play, score updates at the end of each quarter and final score updates. You can also set alerts for breaking NFL news, and for when Thursday, Sunday and Monday night football and NFL RedZone start.

And, for all you fair weather fans, this is where you can change your favorite team.

Track your fantasy team

Of course, what fun is a football season without a little fantasy action? Whether you play in random leagues or you’ve got a friendly competition going with your friends or colleagues (yes, we said friendly!), you’ll be able to track your own superstars right within the app.

For the uber-competitive (hey, there could be money on the line! Or better yet, pride!), there are tons of resources to help make sure you make a playoff run. Find news, advice, injury updates, rankings, projections and trends so that you can scoop up that last minute free agent before Sunday’s kickoff.

The downside? You can’t actually manage your team through the app. To get those last minute trades in and switch up your lineup, you’ve got to nab a separate app.

Upgrade to premium

There’s more to cheer about, football fans. With the premium version of the app, ($5/month), you can watch the NFL Network at any time of day or night, tune into NFL RedZone on Sundays and catch night games on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the action on the larger screen of your tablet (boo!), but watching the game on the tube while streaming RedZone on your phone is still an awesome Sunday setup. The one caveat? These features are only available on Verizon.

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