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NFL Photo Booth

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For football fanatics, this free photo app for iPhone is a fun download. NFL Photo Booth allows you to insert your favorite NFL players into your photos and adorn the people in your pictures with NFL gear.

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Get NFL Photo Booth! + Add to Favs

If you’ve dreamt of getting your photo taken with your favorite NFL player, you’re in luck; there’s an app for that! And with NFL Photo Booth, you don’t even have to cross any security barriers, fan lines or exclusive boundaries to get it. This photo-editing app tackles the problem head-on and makes it easy.

NFL Photo Booth lets you choose from more than 160 NFL players (5 players a team) and insert the football star into your photo of choice. After Tom Brady or Greg Jennings is seamlessly placed next to you in the picture, you can then adorn yourself and your fellow photo mates with NFL paraphernalia, such as your favorite team’s helmets and jerseys.

It’s a simpler way to get closer to the football stars you dream of one day meeting. And at the very least, it’s a simple app that lets you post fun photos to your social-media accounts. One more thing—we highly recommend fostering rivals by, say, blinging out your Pats-hating friend with red, blue and silver accessories. It’s worth a chuckle.

Reviewed: Jan 31, 2012 |

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