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Nike Training Club

By Nike, Inc.


We love Nike Training Club for a variety of reasons. One: It provides oodles of interesting workouts. Two: It features good quality, step-by-step photos and videos. Three: It’s free. This fitness app actually makes us want to work out.

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If you want a personal trainer without the cost of one, this is the app for you. Nike Training Club is the ultimate fitness app. No joke. This thing houses 130 drills—all with step-by-step photo instructions and videos, plus a Play feature that takes you through the timed, narrated drill while your music plays in the background. Oh, and it’s free.

Once you launch the app, you’re prompted to choose a goal from the following: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused (even though in an ideal world, we want them all). Then, choose whether you want to be dubbed Beginner (4-5 workouts a month), Intermediate (2-3 workouts a week) or Advanced (3-5+ workouts a week). You’re then met with a hefty list of workouts to choose from, lasting for 30- or 45-minutes long.

Each drill within a workout is accompanied by photos that demonstrate every move. The photos are good quality and extremely helpful. Even more helpful? The videos, which are basically animated versions of the step-by-step photos.

While you can certainly perform each drill by itself with the help of the photos and/or videos, you can also tap Do Workout, and the app will automate the whole 30 or 45-minute workout. While a woman gives you directions during the workout, your music from your phone’s library also plays in the background. (You can turn off the music feature if you want.) The narrator also tells you how much time you have left with each drill and provides small updates and tips, such as “You’re warming up your body. Stay on the balls of your feet.”

Once your workouts are complete, you can use earned points (based on the minutes your work out) to gain rewards that consist of exclusive workouts (including one from Rihanna’s personal trainer). If nothing else, these points help you stay motivated.

You can also create events in the app that will remind you when it’s time to work out. Lastly, you can view your past workouts under the Progress tab if you want to track how well you’re sticking to your workout plan. And you will be sticking to it, because Nike Training Club is awesome.

Reviewed: May 22, 2012 |

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