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We think you can tell when app developers really understand what it’s like to use their app. Thank you, NPR News developers!

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In an era awash in talking heads, politically skewed “journalism” and media battlegrounds where war seems waged more for our attention rather than the truth, NPR is a holy sanctuary of a dying art form. It’s the broadest, most thorough and most legitimate news source this side of the printed word.

Of course, where a news app is concerned, the content is paramount, and here you’ll find the best available. In addition to NPR’s national broadcasts, the app grants access to any of its thousands of local affiliates, their stories and personalities.

The application itself is as easy to digest as its programming. Stories can be searched by date and keyword, or browsed in chronological order (typically starting with today’s top stories). Forgot your headphones? Each story is transcribed in its entirety for easy reading. Better still, the app allows you to program your own radio digest: Just pick a story and add it to your playlist, which is easily accessible and controlled from the bottom of your screen. There’s even a useful “30 seconds back” button in case life temporarily steals your attention — a brilliant touch.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |