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NYTimes Election 2012

By The New York Times Company


NYTimes Election 2012 is a quality app for news lovers and political junkies alike. It’s complete with news articles from The New York Times and a variety of other notable national publications, plus multimedia and opinion sections. The only downside is that you must be a subscriber to enjoy some of the app’s perks.

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As you would expect from anything bearing The New York Times name, the NYTimes Election 2012 app is progressive, easy to navigate and informative.

In the News section, select from Top News and get the thorough coverage you would expect from The New York Times. You can also choose All Sources and navigate to other notable publications on the web: The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Msnbc, CNN, Fox News, POLITICO, The Atlantic, etc.  It’s an extensive and fair list.

Other sections of the app include Opinion, where you can read opinion articles from the paper itself, and Multimedia. When we tested the app, the Multimedia section only featured slide shows and videos (we watched a quick piece on the Maine caucus). And here’s the big downside to the section: In order to watch a multimedia entry, you must be a New York Times subscriber (aka, you must pay). We guess everything can’t be free!

But the most impressive thing about NYTimes Election 2012 is the Election Guide. Here, too, you have to subscribe to The New York Times to access the content, but it gives you everything you would need to get a complete picture of the upcoming election—in-depth information on the primaries, polls, projections, plus delegate trackers and insight on a candidate’s every move. It’s worth it; doubly so because the app is free.

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