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The Oldify photo app for iPhone shows you what you’ll look like as a cane-walking, pruned-up elder. For some, its vivid 3D graphics and face animations are hysterical. For others (such as some of us here at The Recapp) Oldify’s images will sincerely creep you out.

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First things first: Do not try this app with kids. It’ll give you nightmares for weeks.

Oldify is an amusing iPhone photo app that shows you what you or your friend will look like as an old geezer. Here at The Recapp, we think that everyone who’s been “oldified” with the app looks about 90 years old or so.

This photo app doesn’t just age a person’s face, though. If it’s not shocking enough to see what you look like as a wrinkly, age-spotted, droopy-eyed senior, Oldify also animates the photos. That’s right: Your 90-year-old self blinks, yawns, smiles, turns its neck, and so on.

You can then drag your finger across the image, and the eyes from the picture follow your finger. A little creepy and a little cool at the same time. And when you poke the oldster’s forehead or face, they react by frowning, burping or coughing.

The 3D images in Oldify are disconcertingly realistic, and that is why we advise you never to try this on a child. Remember the girl from The Ring? Yeah, that’s what your sweet little niece will become. Definitely not an image you ever want to see!

The photo app contains in-app upgrades, such as the Ancient Oldify effect for $0.99. It’ll also direct you to Apptly’s other quirky photo apps, such as Baldify (it makes people in photos appear bald) and Fatify (take a guess what that one does).

Once you’ve been thoroughly amused with and/or disturbed by your Oldify photo, the app allows you to share it via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or email. You can also save the image or the video to your device to chuckle at later or creep out a friend. Whether this iPhone photo app makes you laugh or gasp in horror, it’ll certainly entertain you.

Reviewed: Apr 12, 2012 |