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ONE Browser

By Tencent Mobile International Ltd.


If you’re constantly looking for a faster way to get to all the websites you love so much, ONE Browser is the app that will get you there in half the time. 

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ONE Browser is a fast and smooth-operating web browsing app. It optimizes your web searches with its accelerated downloading speed and efficient file management systems. Its China-based creator, Tencent Mobile International, was founded in 1998 with a mission to enhance the quality of human life through the Internet. Aligning with their vision of providing users with “one-stop online lifestyle services,” these app developers have surely delivered with the ONE Browser app, truly a multitasker’s dream.

The superhero of all browsers, ONE Browser is like Batman, equipped with top of the line gadgets to save the day, including Night Mode, the Download Zone and the Android Zone. In Night Mode, your eyes are protected from the brightness of the screen—your eye doctor will be commending you! The Download Zone will help you find all the coolest ringtones, apps, videos, wallpapers, games and music to add to your personal library. Get quick access to Google Play, TalkAndroid and Android Tapp in the Android Zone.

Accessing wireless networks is more stable with this browser app’s free-link technology. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are embedded, so you’ve got a super powerful search engine at your fingertips, and you’ll discover more when you’re on the go. If you can’t remember the URL for that site your friend recommended, don’t freak out! With automatic and intuitive URL completion, you can type less and find what you’re looking for.

Worried that all this browsing will lead to high data usage (and surprising cell phone bills)? Lay your concerns to rest, because with advanced compression technology you can decrease your data usage by up to 85%.

Still not convinced yet? ONE Browser does much more than provide an opportunity for easy web browsing and a homepage with your favorite and most visited websites. With a swipe of your finger you can find all the information you need to go about your daily life. Cleverly called “Daily Life,” this subsection of the browser provides instant access to your email (including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail), different search options like Wikipedia and WordPress, and local happenings. You can check your local weather, Yelp and Yellow Pages to find out what’s going on near you.

The ONE Browser also enables users to easily bookmark their favorite sites. Let’s be honest, we all check Facebook at least a zillion times per day, not to mention the countless hours spent perusing YouTube videos and Twitter feeds. You can save all of these bookmarks, swipe right, tap the icon and you’re there! You’ll be reading about the latest celebrity gossip and watching the newest viral “Epic Fail” video in a matter of seconds.

After concerns about this browser’s effectiveness were questioned by its most frequent users, an update was released that left no stone unturned. Not only were those users’ needs met, but new users are reporting its success and swearing by the new elegance and ease of use. And we swear by it too. Download the app and allow yourself to be swept off your feet, for free.

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