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Though you can’t buy airline tickets through the app, OntheFly is still a must-download for its interface and quick organization of major airline ticket prices.

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We’re usually hard on airline apps because they can be so repetitive—how many apps can there be that give you airlines’ lowest prices? However, with ITA Software’s OnTheFly, its simplicity, easy-to-understand graphics and agility make it much better than the usual travel app.

Simply add your airport of choice (and alternatives) and check the airline prices for specific or flexible departure dates. The app calculates the lowest price (cheaper flights tend to be Monday through Thursday) on an interactive graph and initially ranks results by price and date. After settling on a date or price, the app then quickly narrows down the flights by airline, airport, number of stops and arrival times.

We love how users only have to enter one piece of info—your destination—because the app uses GPS to find the nearest airports. The only negative is that once you find your perfect flight, you can’t book it through the app, but only by calling the airline directly (yeah, use your phone to make a call!). That’s not a terrible alternative, because it only requires one click to call the airline from your smartphone. Still, it’s one that not everyone in this digital era may like.

Reviewed: Nov 02, 2011 |