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We'd love to say this Pac-Man app is as great as the original arcade game, but the smartphone version does have some flaws.

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Feeling nostalgic? Well, that classic Pac-Man game you used to play with friends at the arcade is available on your smartphone. Sure, there are dozens of clones and spin-offs of this old-school game, but none are quite like the Namco original.

To play, guide Pac-Man through the maze, chomping up pellets as you go. All the while, four colorful ghosts are following close behind, and if any of these guys touches Pac-Man, you lose a life. The only way to fight them is by gobbling up a flashing dot — a power pellet — which gives Pac-Man the temporary ability to eat these enemies.

Pac-Man offers up two ways to play: Accelerometer mode, which are tilt controls, and Swipe, in which you slide your finger across the screen to guide Pac-Man. Unfortunately, these controls are the game’s key flaw. The nature of the game requires swift and sharp turns through a maze, and neither of these options are as responsive as they need to be.

The game’s not perfect and it’s a bit of a pricey investment, but if you’re a big fan of Pac-Man, we say go ahead and go retro.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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