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Packing Pro

By Quinn Genzel


Never forget socks again while packing with this travel checklist app that covers more aspects of travel preparation than we ever considered before.

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Packing. How hard can it be? We’ve done it a million times. But what happened every single one of them? We forgot something.

Enter Packing Pro, the travel (and pre-travel) checklist app. Packing Pro makes absolutely sure, without a doubt, that you won’t forget a thing.

Like the rest of you, we were skeptical. We thought there was nothing this app could think of that we couldn’t. So we launched with cynicism.

The home screen on this travel app is simple. Five items: My List, (TBD) Demo Trip, Master Catalog, Settings and Info. The layout is really no-frills, and usage is super easy.

With a click on Demo Trip, the page blossomed into a litany of items with simple–to-click, cool-looking check boxes. At least half of those items we’d never thought of—travel insurance, medical prescriptions, unplug appliances, share itinerary, set email autoresponder, etc. And that was just the pre-travel list.

The Essentials section includes every travel item you could possibly think of (unless you like to travel with your old grocery lists). From passports to long johns, swimsuits to shampoo, the options are comprehensive and easy to use.

You can even add items to the packing list. If your daughter likes to travel with Snookums the Squishy Bear (or you do), then just add him to your list. You’ll never forget Snookums again, especially when the app categorizes your items into organized lists. You can share and save as well, and there’s information for reviewing, rating, giving and contacting. 

Quite simply, Packing Pro is a must-have checklist app for any traveler looking to save time, never forget, and maximize trip effectiveness. This travel app sure packs a huge punch.

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Reviewed: Nov 30, 2011 |