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Pair It! Wine Pairing Guide

By Pair It LLC


With 180 wine varietals and 1,000 food items, Pair It! Food and Wine Guide does a great job of helping you put wines and foods together.

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Pair It! Food and Wine Guide brings ease to an otherwise complex art form.

For instance: Do you know what kind of wine will taste best with that stuffed mushroom appetizer you just ordered? How about your seared ahi tuna? This app simplifies the process of matching your vino to your dinner by allowing you to select your meal from a dropdown list.

The app not only provides you with ideas, but also tells you why certain wine and food flavors taste great together. This is a neat trick if you’re looking to impress a date or a business client. Like a sommelier (almost), you get to look like you know what you're talking about!

If you want to be a bit more honest with your dining companions, you can turn your meal into a flavorful, culinary adventure. The app has a slot machine feature, similar to what you find on Urbanspoon, where you can let the app choose a wine for you at random. This is a great way to try something new — and possibly add a new favorite to your personal wine list.

Pair It! Food and Wine Guide regularly updates its database of 180 wine varietals and 1,000 food items, so you get something new each time you use it. And because there are so many options, the app comes in handy more often than you might expect.

Reviewed: Oct 10, 2011 |