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Papa John’s Pizza

By Papa John’s International Inc.


The popular pizza chain Papa John’s Pizza serves up their mobile ordering app for Android and iPhone. The app accesses the Papa John’s menu and lets you place quick orders straight from your smartphone. Whether you’re a pizza lover or not, you’ve got to love something that makes ordering out even easier.

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To be honest, some of us at The Recapp are not huge Papa John’s Pizza fans. You may think similarly, and there are plenty of Italian mom-and-pop pizza joints to have us covered. But all of us can probably agree that Papa John’s is, at the very least, a good “when in doubt” pizza option. And thanks to their mobile pizza app, ordering from the Papa John’s menu is easier than ever.

Food preferences aside, we’re reviewing this app on its mobile-ordering quality. The first thing we noticed about this app made us give it an instant thumb’s up: You don’t need to create an account to order. You can make one if you wish (this will give you access to coupons and reward points), but if you’re sick of emails clogging up your inbox, simply opt to place an order as a guest.

To begin ordering, the app asks to use your GPS location or you can manually enter your whereabouts. For quick access on the home screen, you can choose from Quick Picks (commonly ordered items such as a pepperoni pizza), Create Your Own or Specialty Pizzas. The full menu is located in the menu tab where you can choose sides, drinks, desserts and extras, too.

With any item you choose, the app shows the price and easily allows you to tap plus and minus signs to increase and decrease quantities. Here is where you also conveniently choose whether you’re placing a delivery or carryout order.

Mark any of the items as faves for easy access in the future, and be sure to check out the offers tab in case you can save a few bucks. Checkout is a cinch: Just enter your contact and payment information, and even select the date and time you want your food delivered or ready for pickup.

The Recapp may be divided when it comes to Papa John’s Pizza, but we can all say we like this app.

Reviewed: Jan 31, 2012 |

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