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Paper is a drawing, sketching, doodling and note-taking app for iPad that is both fun and beautiful. To think that productivity can be this elegant and effective is hard to believe. But the developers at Fifty Three Inc. have made something truly amazing with Paper.

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If you like to paint but don’t have the time, energy or ability to procure paints, an easel and canvas, then Paper is for you. The same goes for drawing, doodling or even general note taking. Paper offers it all, impressively melding productivity with beauty. The app was even awarded the 2012 Apple Design Award.

Paper offers three different books to keep you organized: Making Paper, Sketches and Ideas. The first is a guide on how to use the app and what is possible with it, but you can later erase these instructions and use the book as you wish.

There are 10 pages in each book to work with. Once you select a book, simply tap a page and your iPad’s touch screen becomes your canvas. The Paper app’s free download gives you an eraser, the Draw fountain pen and 21 colors to work with. If you want to expand on your creative abilities, you may want to spend some money on additional features, including the Sketch, Outline, Writer, Color and Mixer tools. And if you don’t want to erase your creations, then you’ll need more paper as well.

Use your fingertip to put whatever you wish on your canvas in whatever color and style you like. Use bold, vibrant strokes for stark imagery, or try a colorful mosaic of pokes and touches for a different style of expression. Paper is particularly compatible with the Pogo Connect pen for iPad, which reacts to how much pressure you use to draw objects.

Once you’ve decided that your masterpiece is finished, Paper will turn your creation into a PDF. You can share it with your social networks or via email. Or just flip to the next page—the app will save the piece for you. A digital, visual diary, if you will.

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