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Paper Camera

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With plenty of fun filters, Paper Camera turns your photographs into hand-drawn, painted or comic book art. This camera app is definitely worth the download.

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There are hundreds of photo apps out there vying for your phone’s storage space (and, of course, your dollars). Since the physical camera is the same no matter what app you use, choosing the right camera app for you comes down to two factors: photo filters and user interface. Paper Camera excels at both.

The main attractions here are the filters, which for the most part aim to turn your photos into art—hand-drawn art, anyway. You can make your photos appear as pencil sketches, paintings and even comic books. Several of the filters alter your mobile photo to look like it’s been printed on a special kind of paper. All of the effects in the camera app are adjustable on the fly and look remarkable.

Another wow factor is that the filters take effect in real time, so you can see the final result before you even snap the photo. Most other photo apps require the user to take a picture first and wait for the filter afterwards.

The rest of Paper Camera’s interface is simple yet charming. It’s designed to look hand-drawn over a crumpled sheet of paper, and the photos you take fit in a specific space on this “paper.” The only drawback here is that there is no way to get rid of the interface if you want to. The camera viewfinder can never take up the whole screen, so the photo you’re trying to line up is always about half the size it could be.

Even so, you’re taking photos with a phone, not a DSLR. Paper Camera’s excellent filters are worth the download.

Reviewed: Jan 09, 2012 |

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