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With the free PayPal app for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, you can send money to and receive payments from your contacts. It’s a two-step process that’s amazingly simple once you upload your credit card information.

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The popular payment service PayPal gives you a mobile app that solves the group dinner problem.

You’re out to eat with a large group of people when you realize there can only be one bill. You’re the unfortunate friend who has to foot the tab on your credit card, then you go months before everyone pays you back with cash because, of course, no one ever carries any of that anymore.

You and your friends can now download the PayPal app, which lets you send money to your contacts as well as request payments. First you upload your credit card information using a nifty feature: Just take a picture of your credit card, and the app automatically reads your credit card’s number. Create a username and password and link an email address to your account, and you’re set.

Naturally, we tested out the act of requesting money first. The process is super simple. Once you allow the app to access your contacts, you can simply select your contacts from a list that appears within the app, enter the amount the person owes you and an optional message.

That person then receives a push notification from the PayPal app on their phone. If they don’t have the app (or a PayPal account, for that matter), they’ll get pinged via email or text. Note that if you’ve connected your Facebook account with your Contacts (i.e. via the Facebook integration in iOS 6), your contact will first be notified via their weird, numbered Facebook email address. You may have to manually enter your contact’s number or primary email.

Your payment will quickly be transferred to your PayPal account, which you can then transfer to another bank account by logging in to the PayPal website. (We wish that feature was available via the app, though.)

Sending money is similar—just reverse the process. All of your activity will display on the app’s Activity page.

Lastly, the PayPal app houses a rather new section, Local, that tells you which businesses around you accept PayPal transactions with the PayPal Here mobile card reader. Our list was extremely limited, but we expect this to grow quickly considering momentum of the mobile-payment trend.

PayPal information is protected by a password you create when you set up your account. The app even has timed sessions—if you’re in the app for a few minutes with no activity, you’ll have to enter your password to proceed again.

Reviewed: Oct 31, 2012 |

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