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Pet First Aid

By Jive Media LLC


The price may seem steep for this app, but really, how much is it worth to you to possibly save your pet’s life in an emergency?

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Every pet owner ought to download Pet First Aid and spend some time reading up. This pocket guide to emergency pet medical care could save your dog or cat’s life.

The price may seem a little steep, but that’s because Pet First Aid is packed with information. For example, pull open the “Emergency Situations” tab from the app’s main menu and you’ll find situations such as choking, bleeding and drowning. Tap into the “Choking” list to find less obvious symptoms of choking, like “bluish mucus membranes.” There are even illustrations and photos to show you what the app means — a whole section on mucus membranes, like your dog’s gums, complete with colors, conditions they may indicate and pictures.

In an emergency situation, Pet First Aid can be an incredibly helpful resource for identifying what’s wrong and possibly intervening to save a life before you can get to your veterinarian.

Reviewed: Aug 26, 2011 |