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By Torbjorn Gustafsson


PhotoBooth doesn’t offer a ton of editing functions. But what it delivers — an old-school photo booth experience — it does well.

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Mobile photo apps seem to love the 1970s, so it’s no surprise that one would eventually emulate a groovy staple from the past — the photo booth. Similar to old-school photo booths, the PhotoBooth app snaps pics (four total) every three seconds, so subjects can make faces or give one another rabbit ears. The app then “develops” the four photos into a strip. You can then give the strip black or white borders, or make the photos retro black and white, sepia, or pixilated, or keep them in high-definition color.

The app also allows you to share the photo via email or social media and save it in the gallery. We loved PhotoBooth and found it simple to use, because it really only has two different modes: taking photos and manipulating the images. For those looking for more photo-editing software and effects in their apps, we would recommend Hipstamatic, Adobe Photoshop Express or FxCamera for your needs. But if you’re looking for a little fun with friends and want to kick it old school, try PhotoBooth.

Reviewed: Sep 23, 2011 |