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Tired of sharing your mobile photos one by one? Wouldn’t it be nice to see related photos grouped together in an interesting collage? Well, it sounds like you read the minds of the app developers for PicFrame, the perfect companion to photo apps like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest. Put your iPhoneography into customized groupings and create digital collages.

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One of the greatest features of your iPhone is the awesome, high-quality camera. Yeah, we know, you love to show off those adorable mobile photos of your new puppy or that incredible shot you captured of the sunset. But when you go to share them via social networks or email, why limit yourself to only one photo at a time? Show off a clever collection of your iPhoneography work with PicFrame.

This photo-editing app brings a new meaning to the word collage. First, select the frame mockup from the photo app’s three extensive layout tiers. You can go with only two images or choose up to six. The layouts feature vertical and horizontal combinations that display images in one complete frame. Once you’ve decided on the most pleasing arrangement for your photos, tap the frame to start adding your images.

Add images to each section within your frame by selecting images from your camera roll. Move the images around by holding your finger down as you draw them into place. You can even flip, rotate or add a unique filter to each image in your collage.

Tap the Style button in the toolbar to change the color of your frame and the dividers between each image. You can also add a pattern to spice things up or easily change the width of the frame and dividers by dragging the sizing slider to your liking. Finally, round the corners of all your images or keep them square with the slider tool located under the Corners button.

Want to add a little more room to the image in the top right of your frame? Simply tap the Adjust button in the bottom toolbar and pinch, pull or slide your way to the size you want.

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, share your image via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Flickr. There is even an option to open your collage with another app already installed on your iPhone if you prefer to do some serious photo editing. And, of course, you can always save it to the camera roll on your device.

The PicFrame app is ideal to use with apps like Instagram or Pinterest. The only addition that would put this app over the top would be the ability to take photos with your iPhone camera directly within the app. Being able to take photos within the frames would make this photo app perfect, but we still suggest a download to those who love working on their iPhoneography skills.

Reviewed: Feb 29, 2012 |

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