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Ping Pong

By Miniclip SA


See how many times you can bounce a table-tennis ball without losing control of it in this retro-inspired game app.

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Remember those days when you’d challenge your sibling to see who could bounce a ball more times on a table-tennis paddle? Miniclip developed this old-school pastime into an app for the Android and iPhone so you can play wherever you are.

This simple game becomes a little more challenging with the bonus items that pop up on the screen while you’re bouncing away. You can collect extra points by multitasking: Tilt your phone to navigate the paddle and hit as many bonus items as you can without losing control of the ball.

Ping Pong has its own soundtrack, which conveniently turns off if you’re playing other music on your phone. You can also upgrade to the 99-cent version to get rid of ads.

Most users claim this app is extremely addictive, and we agree. Indulge in it on a boring Sunday, but keep the child’s play out of the office! 

Reviewed: Sep 25, 2012 |

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Ping Pong app Ping Pong app Ping Pong app