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Share, organize and show all things that spark your interest. Pinterest lets you to create virtual pinboards that can help you plan a wedding, flaunt hilarious memes and find do-it-yourself projects. Now you can join in on the fun wherever you are with the free Pinterest app.

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Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through ‘things’ they find interesting,” according to their website. With the evolution of their free social-networking app, they have been able to do just that.

Pinterest holds similarities to other apps such as Pose and Hipster, where you can post or take a photo of something you like and then share it with your friends and followers.

The virtual pinboard is a popular place to “pin,” or share your favorite things. Though Pinterest is favorable on a larger screen, the mobile app’s layout is still easy to navigate. There is a simple menu along the bottom that allows you to view the pins of who you follow. You can also explore other worldwide pins, take and pin a picture from your phone, see your activity, and look at your profile.

When viewing the pins of the people you follow, rather than seeing several pins on the screen at one time (as is the case with Pinterest’s website version), the Pinterest app displays them as one pin per page, and one pin fills up the width of the screen. This allows you to easily scroll through. Then, you can repin, like and comment on those cute baby elephant photos or tasty cookie recipes. Under the “More…” button, you can also decide to share the pin on Facebook or Twitter, save the pin to your Camera Roll or email it.

In addition to viewing the pins of the people you follow, you can also search infinite amounts of topics on Pinterest such as Art, Education or Home Décor. These pins are displayed in a grid-like layout until you tap on one; Pinterest then takes you to the full-page pin.

We guarantee you’ll be hooked to pinning, and you won’t be alone. Major companies such as Whole Foods and Real Simple are also taking advantage of the popular network to be more engaged with their customers. In an interview with ABC News, Community Manager from, Megan Peters says, “Brands are using it to build communities around their content in a different way, which is really exciting!”

To be able to pin from your phone while you’re browsing the web, you can install the Pinterest bookmarklet for iPhone.

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Reviewed: Feb 13, 2012 |

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