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PlainText is an essential writing and editing app for anyone who wants to swiftly get their ideas down, edit on the go and feel confident that their ideas will be safely stored. The free iPhone app syncs to your Dropbox account, and it even works without an Internet connection.

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The PlainText app is a solid tool for getting your ideas onto “paper” or editing things you’ve already written when you’re on the go.

The free iPhone app has a user-friendly interface and simple, elegant style that allows you to create pages of material with little distraction (because you know we all waste too much time playing with fancy settings and features). There’s no worrying about fonts, document margins or layouts. Writers can simply focus on pouring their thoughts onto the page or editing, instead of making more excuses to procrastinate.

PlainText syncs to Dropbox, and its key feature lets you organize your work into folders. Sure, a lot of people use the default Notes app on their iPhone for similar purposes, but PlainText is highly recommended as a much more efficient outlet for staying organized and maintaining focus—two dire requirements for any type of writer. In addition, the app syncs your docs once a connection is made, and you can quickly search for particular words and even type in landscape mode.

Whether you’re working on a novel or just jotting a few notes down from your day, PlainText is the perfect choice for wordplay, even if you’re in a location without an Internet connection. This feature is critical for regular travelers and busy professionals.

Reviewed: Jun 17, 2012 |

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