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Plan-it Halloween

By Dennis Barber Ltd


Plan-it Halloween has tons of fun and scary party ideas to make your Halloween bash unforgettable. We’re talking decorations, apple-bobbing games and festive food ideas.

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The annual Halloween party is at your house this year. Scared?

Plan-it Halloween will act as your own personal party planner (now that’s a mouthful) to make that spooky night one for the books. Don’t let yourself succumb to the usual cobweb and candy-corn decorations—this app inspires you with tons of fun party ideas to make your Halloween bash spooktastic.

Plan-it Halloween has three parts: Halloween Party Planner, Halloween Party Games and Halloween Tips. The Halloween Party Planner will allow you to plan your party by event (such as costume contest, bobbing for apples, you name it), set times for these events to keep your guests entertained throughout the night, and save start and end times for your party.

Halloween Party Games has nine categories to choose from, with all kinds of activities complete with how-to-play instructions. Finally, Halloween Tips takes care of the rest of the details, such as decorations, food ideas, party-bag suggestions and ways to keep your Halloween party on a budget so that the only thing scaring you on Halloween will be your neighbor’s mummy costume, not the lack of cash in your wallet.

Don’t be surprised if your friends suggest that the annual party be at your house every year.

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Plan-It Halloween app Plan-It Halloween app Plan-It Halloween app Plan-It Halloween app Plan-It Halloween app