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Planet Fish

By Ludia Inc.


The free fish game will take your submarine to far-away places in search of exotic fish. Just watch out for bubble-popping blowfish! 

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There are so many fish simulation games on the market, but the variety of real fish in this free game app caught our attention, and its simplicity and game progression keep us playing.

In Planet Fish, you take a submarine underwater and try to catch fish with bubbles, bouncing them off reefs and other objects to capture hard-to-reach fish. The fish in this game number a couple hundred and range from the basic goldfish to the exotic, color-clad ones. Return the fish to your tank (which quickly fills up), feed them and then sell them. The longer you keep the fish, the more they sell for.

This fish game also allows you to use the money to outfit your tank with plants, coral, backgrounds and more, buy larger ones, or purchase new far-away places to fish. You can also spend real money to buy rubies and coins, though to us that defeats the fun of the game. Planet Fish even snaps pictures of your tank to share on Facebook.

The one aspect that we quickly grew tired of is the wait time required before you can fish an area again. So, if you just missed out capturing the fish you want, you can’t immediately return to the same area and try to catch it again.

Reviewed: Jan 24, 2012 |

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