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Pocket Frogs

By NimbleBit LLC


Even if you weren’t the type to bring home a frog in your pocket as a child, this game app will bring a hop to your step. Collect frogs, make new combinations and watch your frog community grow over time.

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Pocket Frogs borrows one of the most tried and true gaming tropes (collecting) and combines it with another: mini-games. Though just about everything you’re collecting in this app game is a frog, the thousands of breeds, colors and rarities will surely long as you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “mini-games,” it refers to a collection of smaller games within one larger mobile game, in this case Pocket Frogs. You can race your frogs and hop around the pond to increase your frog’s happiness (always important), eating dragonflies and finding mates (more on this later), which is a bit of a mini-game in itself. You can also breed your frogs to see what new frog or color might result. And it’s up to you to nurture your baby frogs to adulthood. None of these elements on their own are particularly compelling, but the pure excitement of finding or making another new frog lends weight to these smaller tasks.

Pocket Frogs may not be the best for children, but you decide. It’s simple, it doesn’t dazzle graphically (or technically, really) and, ultimately, it’s a game with a simple objective to collect frogs. For this reason, we find it a little odd that “mating” is a decision that you make when you successfully get one of your frogs to land on another in the pond. If your frog-grabbing youngun’ hasn’t yet had “the talk,” we imagine this would be an uncomfortable way for it to come up. Though, perhaps disguised as a phone game and an excuse to play with your grownup phone, they won’t notice the biology lesson going on beneath their fingertips.

Even if you’re not of frog-catchin’ age, Pocket Frogs is likely to stay on your phone for a long time. It is built for the long term (often requiring you to wait hours or days for new frogs), and not be burned through in a quick burst of flashy game play. If collecting is your thing, remember: one Pocket Frog on your phone is worth two in the pond.

Reviewed: Dec 19, 2011 |

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