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Pose is a well-designed, highly social app for anyone into fashion.

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With several socially integrated fashion apps vying for the attention of tastemakers and the taste challenged alike, Pose is the iPhone’s next top model. (Thank you, we’ll be here all night.)

Pose is effectively Twitter for fashion. If you’re into both, this idea probably excites you. If Twitter is a foreign concept to you, fear not: Pose may still have something to offer. Immediately upon launch, Pose presents a cascade of Polaroid-like images of clothes, styles and accessories taken and submitted by its users. If you see something you like, you can click to enlarge the image, “love” it, share it (on Pose, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr) and follow the image’s “Poser.”

Poser is the app’s term for its users: Find your friends, add popular posers to your feed or become a fashion guru yourself. Photos can be taken within the app (like a dumbed-down Instagram) and are auto-formatted to fit the rest of Pose. You can add a second image to a post to show some detail, but how much information you share is up to you. Tell followers where you got it and for how much, or keep the fact that your wardrobe is made entirely of under-$10 vintage finds to yourself.

Reviewed: Aug 31, 2011 |