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Postagram Postcards

By Sincerely Inc


Postagram allows you to create real postcards right from your smartphone. These postcard-producing photo apps seem to be all the rage lately, and this one doesn’t wow us like others have.

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To begin creating a postcard with Postagram, the app’s homepage prompts you to choose a photo from your phone’s photo album, Facebook or Instagram. The latter is a unique option that other postcard apps, such as the popular Postcard on the Run, do not offer. You can also take a photo through the Postagram app itself.

The photo-cropping tool is similar to other postcard photo apps (in that it’s extremely basic) and there is no option to alter font type or color. Postagram does incorporate a spot on the postcard for your profile picture, which is cool. Think of this stamp-like image as a visual signature on the postcard you send.

Select a recipient or multiple recipients, then Postagram will produce an image of what your postcard will look like. It only shows you one side, however, which makes us achy with curiosity as to what is on the opposite side. (We’ll soon find out when our test postcard arrives…)

Postagram somewhat redeems itself from its über-simplistic features by offering a “removable bezel,” aka a pop-out picture that your recipient can remove from the postcard frame and keep as a stand-alone photo.

Lastly, the final aspect that we like about Postagram is its pricing. Postcards are just 99 cents, which is cheaper than Postcard on the Run’s fee. Go ahead; brighten someone’s day for less than a buck!

Reviewed: Jan 18, 2012 |