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Postcard on the Run is a photo app that lets you create and send real postcards. With plenty of awesome exclusive features (like hand-written signatures and Smell Mail), plus a celebrity endorsement from Disney Channel actress and singer Selena Gomez, it’s destined to do well.

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Postcard on the Run is a cool app. It lets you easily create and send physical postcards from your phone featuring the photos you took with your device’s camera.

Postcard on the Run is even cooler, though, when a teenage popstar (and girlfriend to the biggest heartthrob known to the world’s 13-year-old population, Justin Bieber) shares it with her 9.6 million Twitter followers, then invests in the app’s company herself. We’re referring to Selena Gomez, of course—a Disney Channel star and pop singer, and now, a startup investor and Postcard on the Run advisor.

In our opinions, Postcard on the Run truly is neat. The free app first prompts you to take a photo or choose a picture from your phone’s camera reel. You can rotate the image and crop it slightly, then you’re asked to write your message (up to 200 characters). You can even alter your message’s font and font color.

One of our favorite features is the signature tool. With your finger, you can sign your own signature. How’s that for a personal touch? This is also the feature that differentiates the app from all other postcard apps like Postagram or its holiday version, Sincerely Ink.

Sending the postcard is easy. If you choose a recipient from your address book and you don’t already have the person’s address in your phone, the app will notify you that it is about to send a message to the recipient in order to ask for his or her contact information. You can also just enter the person’s info yourself.

Now, for our second favorite feature: You have the option to purchase an add-on called Smell Mail. Yes, we mean a good-old coating of Scratch‘n Smell® that will run you 50 cents extra (totally worth it, just for kicks). What’s even better is that you have more than 10 scents to choose from (such as Baby Powder and BubbleGum).

You’re able to preview both sides of your postcard and even select to have a GPS stamp of your recipient’s address on the card (another one of the app’s proprietary features) before Postcard on the Run totals your cost.

For a regular postcard (without the Scratch‘n Smell) a postcard will run you $1.49. Much cheaper than your four-dollar greeting card from the drug store, however more expensive than some other postcard apps’ pricing. (Postagram, for example, offers postcards at 99 cents.)

Thanks to a recent update, Postcard on the Run now lets you attach 30-second videos to your postcards. Your recipients can watch the video clips by scanning a special QR code or by accessing a short URL that exists on the back of the physical postcard. Senders can also send their postcards in advance via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, complementing the physical postcard that is sent in the mail. It's a nifty way to bring "Happy Birthday" to life!

Who doesn’t like getting old-fashioned postcards in the old-fashioned mail these days? Gomez fans or not, we’re loving how Postcard on the Run offers a modern twist on the postcard-sending experience.

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Postcard On the Run app Postcard On the Run app Postcard On the Run app Postcard On the Run app Postcard On the Run app