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Poynt is a multifunction/travel app that finds businesses, people, restaurants, gas stations, events and movies in any given location.

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Poynt is an easy-to-use app that’s a one-stop search shop when you’re traveling or at home. While there are certainly better apps if more specificity is needed, Poynt is a solid app if you’re looking for general data on various topics, and it’s organized in one very tidy package. 

The home screen tells you the local temp and gives you a wheel option of topics. When searching for a business, simply type in the name of the company you want to find, and a Super Pages search finds it for you. We typed in “PetSmart,” and the one down the block showed up.

If people are more your thing, you can search by name, phone or address. We looked up a fellow contributor here on The Recapp using only a cell number. It worked. In our humble opinion, the movie search is the best part of the app. There is no feasible way to not be able to find exactly the movie you want. Users can search Theaters Nearby, Movies Nearby, Top 10, Genre or just a general search. We found a niche documentary that was playing in a total of four theaters across the country. Then we read reviews and watched the trailer. Awesome.

The restaurant search option, like all restaurant search apps, offers the options of Nearby and Cuisine. Nothing special, and easy enough.

If you need a quick, detailed app to find low gas prices, Poynt isn’t for you. Once users scan through the pop-ups disguised as data, it provides a list of local stations. Meh. We’ve seen better.

The events search isn’t bad and has the same delineations as movies, and it’s very specific. It’s not going to read your mind (there’s gotta be an app on the way for that), but it gives you decent general options.

While Poynt doesn’t excel at any one-search style (minus maybe the movies search—that was stellar), it provides just enough info to make it useful. We’d pay money for it, so getting it free makes it well worth having.

Reviewed: Oct 19, 2011 |

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